Role of Social Media in Business

Nowadays, Social media is the medium to socialize and use web-based technology to quickly distribute knowledge and information to an enormous number of users. They allow creation and exchange of user-generated content. Facebook, Twitter, Hi5, Orkut and other social networking sites are cooperatively referred social media. Social media represents low-cost tools that are used to Read more about Role of Social Media in Business[…]

Ethical Leadership

Ethical leadership is an important subject in an organization. A leader’s behavior is often emulated by subordinates because leaders are perceived as attractive and credible models of normative and appropriate behavior, an action that is consistent with theories of social learning. Additionally, leaders who were considered to be ethical convey the importance of ethical standards Read more about Ethical Leadership[…]

Challenges for Global Leaders

A more flexible relationship between global leaders and their followers is essential in the workplace. Globalization, technological innovation, demographic changes bring a tremendous transformation into human life and work. For organizations to remain competitive in the global market, a close emotional interdependent link and an ongoing development of trust and loyalty between leaders and followers Read more about Challenges for Global Leaders[…]

Blended Organizational Culture

More managerial and professional positions are occupied by females, and more diverse cultural groups, lifestyles, ages, and abilities are seen in the workplace. A wide range of people brings different challenges and advantages in terms of ideas, creativities, styles, and innovations into the workplace. In such blended organizational culture, any racism, sexism, or ageism can Read more about Blended Organizational Culture[…]

Cost Management in Project Management

Cost is one of the three pillars supporting project success or failure, the other two being schedule and performance. Projects that go significantly “over budget” are often terminated without achieving the project goals because stakeholders simply run out of money or perceive additional expenditures as “throwing good money after bad.” Projects that stay within budget Read more about Cost Management in Project Management[…]

The Marketing Function in a Market-Oriented Firm

A functional marketing organization refers to the concentration of the responsibility for marketing activities such as knowledge and skills, within a group of specialists in the organization. The benefits of functional structures are well documented and include enhanced efficiency and ability to develop specific, characteristic capabilities The risks include the challenge of coordination between specific Read more about The Marketing Function in a Market-Oriented Firm[…]

Technical and Vocational Education & Training in Malaysia; Current and Future Challenges and Issues

Malaysia is one of the fastest growing modern countries in the world that has successfully achieved a balance between industrial growth and traditional values and is poised to become a fully developed nation by the year 2020. By 2020, up to an additional 3.3 million jobs will be created, of which 1.3 million will be Read more about Technical and Vocational Education & Training in Malaysia; Current and Future Challenges and Issues[…]

Nature of Human Resource Management

The nature of the human resource management has been highlighted in its following features: Inherent Part of Management: Human resource management is inherent in the process of management. This function is performed by all the managers throughout the organization rather that by the personnel department only. If a manager is to get the best of Read more about Nature of Human Resource Management[…]

Project Management and Project Manager

Many have attempted to define project management. One example, Oisen, referencing views from the 1950’s, may have been one of the early attempts. Project Management is the application of a collection of tools and techniques (such as the CPM and matrix organization) to direct the use of diverse resources toward the accomplishment of a unique, Read more about Project Management and Project Manager[…]